Saturday, April 28, 2007

Random Realizations

1) My son is growing up. I forget how much he has changed over the years until I look at old pictures of him.
2) In life there are some people who won't like you no matter what you do.
3) Sometimes even though you do all you can it still doesn't feel like it's enough.
4) The unit I was stationed with in the Marines is now fully manned with people I don't know. They have had a 100 percent turn over in personell since I was stationed there.
5) My brother is a Meth addict serving a ten year prison sentence. I still remember catching crawdads in the creek near our house when we were kids. It doesn't seem that long ago.
6) Every woman's ear I've ever whispered "I love you" into has since had the same sentiment whispered into it by a different voice.
7) Someone else is catching crawdads in a creek with their little brother right now. Blissfully unaware of their future.
8) Someone else lives in the first apartment I ever rented. I wonder if they enjoy it as much as I did.
9) I am now older than both my parents were when I was born.
10) Of all the cigarettes I've ever smoked I can pinpoint the one that addicted me. It was a marlboro red smoked in the airport in San Diego thirteen years ago.
11) The fact that thirteen years have come and gone since I sat in that airport amazes me. I still remember what I was wearing that day. Blue jeans, a pair of red and white nike tennis shoes, and a red and white striped long sleeve pullover with three buttons at the neck and a white collar.
12) I can't remember what I had for lunch two days ago.
13) Not everyone that does bad things is evil and not everyone that does good things is a saint.
14) I haven't gone to church since my wife and I divorced five years ago. Sometimes I miss it. Mostly I don't.
15) All my neighbors are retired. Seeing them makes me feel young. Watching them tirelessly maintain their yards while I watch the birds makes me feel old and lazy.
16) I have more in common with people that I dislike than I'd care to admit.
17) We live in a society of instantaneous self gratification and have access to nearly anything we want at a moments whim. On demand television, microwave ovens, pre-cooked and fast food. The internet, credit cards. No one is patient or willing to delay gratification any more.
18) I can remember as a kid living in missouri for two years in a house with no indoor plumbing and having to bring water inside from a spicket in the yard. I wonder how many people my age can say that?
) People are free to make any decision they want, good or bad, even if they could only get by with it once. Sometimes I wonder how many people realize that.
20) Everyone you meet judges you. You judge everyone you meet.
21) NPR is informational and entertaining.
22) There are still more people in the world that give a damn than there are people who don't.
23) kindness and tolerance are are better than political correctness. Being politically correct is destroying our society.
24) In the end the love of money is the root of all evil.
25) I like wearing a suit to work more than I thought I would.
26) Zealots are dangerous.
27) Jehova's witnesses mean you no harm. Neither do mormons.
28) though not a fan of Rodney King and having witnessed the aftermath of the riots in L.A. while I was in California "Can't we all just get along?!?" is one of the greatest quotes to come out of a persons mouth.
29) There is a psycho that lives half a mile away from me and the second time in the same day that I arrested him he asked "what I'd do if he came to my house one night after he got out of jail?" I calmly told him I would kill him the minute I saw him. He is the only person I've ever told I would kill.
30) Nothing is unconditional.
31) As I listen to other cops talk about how rude or confrontational they were to someone I realize that there are bullies among the ranks.
32) I've been rude to people when I shouldn't have been.
33) There are people in the world that I would die for and that would die for me.
34) Someday I'll be old and weak and I think that nothing i do now will have made any difference at all.
35) There are a lot of people in the world who are only interested in you when they want something from you.
36) Since the advent of video games and home movies children playing outside are scarce. Sometimes when I work I drive through the poor crack hoods just so I can see kids playing outside and here them laughing and yelling in the distance as I pass with my windows rolled down.
37) My son doesn't play outside as much as he should.
38) Teenagers aren't disrespectful...mostly. They're just different than from everyone else.
39) It won't be long until my son is a teenager.
40) It sucks to be blind.
41) You can never really know anybody. Nobody can ever really know you.
42) I haven't maintained contact with anyone I grew up with and I miss them.
43) i wonder how good it would feel to be miles from anyone else and just scream until I was out of breath. I guess this isn't a realization but I bet it would be great.
44) I was jokingly called a hippie three times last month.
45) Maybe it's time for a haircut.
46) Bi-Polar disorder is widely over diagnosed. Especially among those who are disabled and live in trailer parks.
47) # 46 wasn't very politically correct.
48) If no one ever died we'd have to start killing people. How would we decide who dies?
49) My son believes that animals have souls. When his hamster died we tied carrots to a balloon and let them float away so they could get to the hamster in heaven.
50) Someone is wondering why there is a balloon with carrots tied to it in their front yard.


kateykakes said...


What a great post! You are a very wise man!

It's wonderful to see you back. You have an amazing gift for writing. BTW, while I enjoy reading many blogs, yours is among a handful that I consider my very favorites.

I hope life is treating you well.

Anonymous said...

I too have missed your blog! It really is one the better ones out there!

p. flamingo

Brandon said...

A great post with some wise observations. I hope that life's been good to you lately.

I.:.S.:. said...

very entertaining yet strangely poignant as always, officer.

have you tried facebook for point 42? i never ever ever would have expected it, having lead such a transient stray existence in childhood, but goddam it if they're not all on there, everybody in the whole damn world...

I.:.S.:. said...

childhood friends end up in the most unexpected places. like as drug squad cops. ha! funny.

drc said...

9) I am now older than both my parents were when I was born.

HaHa! That is when you realize you truly are getting old!

I.:.S.:. said...

Where are you, officer? We miss you.